About us

Film Bingo is a unique bingo site, and an experiment in commercial film funding. Profits from Film Bingo are put directly into use with an independent film production company with an aim to develop and fund new cinematic output and services.

At first bingo and film may seem like an odd pair, but you may not realise they have a long history together. Many land bingo sites sprung up in failing cinemas, giving the buildings a new lease of life at a time when cinema attendance was falling.

Then there was the The Rank Group, a major force in UK cinema long before they became one of the country's leading retail bingo companies with Top Rank Bingo, later becoming Mecca Bingo. The company also once run the Odeon cinema group, for another connection.

And now to add to that list are Dogs Of Annwn Ltd, a small film production company built as a side project from work in the bingo industry. Before working in film, company director David Lloyd was a bingo caller and continues to work in online bingo to this day.

David's long experience in the game of bingo will be put to good use here at Film Bingo, offering a superb network bingo experience along side some exclusive non-network promotions and events with a film twist.

With fun entertainment at the forefront, an amazing sign-up bonus, superb chat hosts and plenty of top bingo games on offer, Film Bingo will be your bingo of choice, whether you like film or not!

Film Bingo is run by 15 Network in partnership with Dogs Of Annwn Ltd.