Film Projects

Dogs Of Annwn Logo Film Bingo is unique in that the profits from the site directly aid UK film production. The site is run by Dogs of Annwn, a small UK film production company responsible for two completed feature films, and others currently in different stages of development. Profits from Film Bingo support both the development of new feature films and other film makers with the ability to supply various production services to them.

It's like National Lottery Funding and Kickstarter rolled into one, with added balls. Bingo balls, that is. So, when you play bingo here, you'll not only be having a great time, but you're also helping to get new film projects off the ground and made.

How The Profits Are Spent

One of the main ways Film Bingo helps is in the employment of staff and freelancers to work at developing new feature films, writing new scripts and seeking production funding. So far this money has helped to complete two completed feature film scripts which are currently seeking production funding. The money is also being used to option and develop scripts by new and up-and-coming screenwriters.


The profits are also used to buy specialised film-making equipment and software which is then used for feature film production services such as editing, grading, VFX, motion graphics and animation. So far the equipment supplied by Film Bingo has benefitted other film makers as its been able to provide low cost film finishing services that have been supplied to help complete work that otherwise couldn't afford to be completed.

Dogs Of Annwn's Latest Feature Film

Thanks in part to the money raised from Film Bingo, Dogs Of Annwn were able to complete their second feature film as a company. The Lighthouse is a dark tale that's not for everyone! You can take a look at the trailer below. It will be available on UK DVD from the 31s of October 2016 following a run in selected UK cinemas.

The Lighthouse - Official International Trailer 1 from Dogs Of Annwn on Vimeo.

Coming Soon

Thanks to your support Dogs Of Annwn are currently in the process of developing their third feature film as a company. Details will follow soon...